Douglas C. Haldeman, Ph.D.


My publication record in refereed journals and professional volumes spans a variety of issues relative to ethical and competent clinical practice with lesbian, gay and bisexual clients, gender identity issues, as well as the relationship between the science of psychology and social issues.

I am best known for my critiques of sexual orientation conversion therapy and the “ex-gay” movement of the religious right wing. My first book chapter on this subject appeared in the 1991 volume edited by Gonsiorek and Weinrich, Homosexuality: Issues for Public Policy, and subsequent articles have been published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, The Counseling Psychologist, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Psychotherapy.

Additionally, I have written textbook chapters and journal articles on Gender Identity Disorder (GID) in children, spirituality in the lives of gay men, gay marriage, the gay male community, and the ethical and competent treatment of lesbian, gay and bisexual clients in psychotherapy. I am particularly proud of the policy work in which I have participated on behalf of LGBT individuals through the APA. With Dr. Judith Glassgold, I am currently at work on my first book, Changing Sexual Orientation: From Fiction to Fact, for APA Books.

Please find below a list of my selected publications, grouped by category, many of which are downloadable from this site. Please see my Vita for a complete list of publications.


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Conversion Therapy

Men and Masculinity

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Gay Men: Psychotherapy and Identity Development

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Diversity, Gender identity and Other Issues

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